Telecommunication services provider company Best in UAE

During work expo 2020 Dubai A10 project

Telecommunication services provider company Best in UAE


The leading Telecommunication services provider of professional in the fields of Telecoms, similarly engineering, Installation, Commissioning and support services within the Telecoms and IP environments. Based in Sharjah. Best as results.

Even more AWTelecoms can deliver and perform efficient services to its current as well as potential future customers.

AWT provide services on a turnkey basis or hire skilled professional on an hourly rate basis.

AWTelecoms Work With These Companies

Furthermore our resources have had experience in almost Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei products for the last 15 years. This includes all switching and wireless products .Hence AWT can also hired Operation and Maintenance resources to support fixed line, wireless and IP related networks. Telecommunication services provider.

The work includes likewise installation,Testing,and commissioning of MSC/MSCS/BSC/PSTN,IBS,Base Station,Microwave and transmission. 

Types of communication equipment.

AWT also offering complete installation solution including all kind of material required. Likewise.

 Fiber optic patch cords

 Ethernet CAT6 patch cord

 Ethernet. 24. 48 slot switches.

 Patch panels Ethernet

 Power Cable. Even more,

 Overhead mechanics

 (Cable tray) also

 Power PDUs

 AC/DC. 6 slots to 8 slots.

Telecommunication Equipment list

We have experience IBS for in building solution all of things seems like all type connectors related to IBS likewise din male din female and N male N female feeder connectors Also
feeder cable also
super flex cable
from cable
2 way splitter also
3 way
4 way splitter and as per required so power adopters finally we work above all.