telecom ibs bts core best result

AWT Team has almost 5 year Experience in this field.

Here we can serve you in-building solution installation and test in multi story buildings, hotels, malls, ets.

Our services in this regard are as follows

1.Laying of feeder Cables

2.Antenna installation

3.Jumper cabling Splitter installation

(1)installation GSM room
(2)RBS installation 2206 & 2207
(3)BBS Battery bank stand
(4)Rectifier cabinet installation
(5)DF Distribution frame installation
(6)DF cabling Karon strip peaching
(7)DF ducting  
(8)Installation cable ladder

IBS daas installation
Passive site
(1)7/8    Feeder cable
(2)15/8   Feeder cable
(3)1/2    super flax cable
(4)1/2    LDF cable for
 Active site
(1)Main Hub + Expansion Hub
(2)RJ.6 & RJ.11 coax cable
(3) RAU+JUMPER+ANTENNA complete installation


Penal Antenna with RAU & 2way salter for Active site


Sub Rack with expansion Hub For active sit



 Parking view Omni Antenna With Rod


 Omni Antenna Fix at Celling

7/8 Cable connected with 3Way splatter



Omni Antenna in Lift Lobby






2Way Splatter Connected 7/8 & super Flex Jumper Cable












 15/8 & 7/8  Cable connected With 2Way splatter in Riser