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AWT can provide various Services in BTS Implementation on Ericsson, Nokia, and Huwawi Equipment Such as:


AWT Team has vas Experience in RBS installation indoor and outdoor.

We can serve our customer in following fields.

1.      Documentation

I.                   Site Survey

II.                SSR

III.             SID

IV.             Antenna Test

V.                Sweep Test

VI.             Site layout


2.      Installation

1.      RBS installation indoor & outdoor Including battery bank and IDF, AC or DC PDB. Configuration, Commissioning and Acceptance

Outdoor Sector1 Antenna View


3.      RBS 2206

4.      RBS 2207

5.      RBS 3216

6.      RBS 3303

7.      RBS 3402

8.      RBS 3418



Battery bank View













Outdoor Antenna Installation For (SST) Tower











Rectifier cabinet


Power DB



 Indoor Cable ladder



















 Outdoor vertical & Horizontal Cable ladder


Roxtic .Feeder Entry plate